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My name is Dr. Dolapo Babalola, AKA DR. Babs. I am a triple board-certified Family, Obesity, and Lifestyle Medicine Physician and the Founding CEO of Living At Your Finest (LAYF) Wellness, 
A  Holistic Direct Primary Care Practice.

I am passionate and honored to help Families Live At Their Finest by being empowered with the principles of healthy habits and behaviors to Nourish and Flourish as Whole, Vibrant, & Healthy Champions.

You will discover many valuable services and products to help you LIVE AT YOUR FINEST; BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT.

It would be my greatest pleasure to walk alongside you to help you achieve Optimal Health and Wellness.

Thanks for prioritizing your WELL-BEING. 

You are WORTH IT.  


To provide an evidence-based and holistic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness through an accessible, affordable, and appropriate Direct Primary Care Model for my patients/clients, their families, and their communities. 


To help Families Live at Their Finest by being empowered with the principles of healthy habits and behaviors to nourish their bodies, minds, and spirit so they can flourish as Whole, Vibrant, & Healthy Champions.



Community Outreach

Family and Faith-based centered

Promote Empowerment, Education, and Equality

Prioritize work-life balance for myself, family and community

Compassionate care delivered with integrity, respect, and excellence

Thriving Daily to Live At My Finest Holistic Wellness by being whole, vibrant, & healthy.


Skills over Pills

Wellcare over Sickcare

Source over Symptoms

People over Processes. 

Multidisciplinary approach 

Root cause over Disease Management

Why join LAYF Wellness?

Healthcare Not Sickcare
We direct our model of care toward providing holistic preventative services instead of disease management as seen in the sickcare model which promotes thriving homes and communities. A stitch in time saves life is the population saying.
Skills Not Pill
We actively focus to determine the root cause of medical concerns unlike the traditional healthcare model which prescribes a medication for every symptom without taking time to dive into the source either due to limited clinic time or training to do so. We use the principles of Lifestyle Medicine as the first treatment modality to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic lifestyle-related diseases.
At Rest Not Rushed
You can be rest assured that not only can you schedule a same day appointment or next day, you are not sitting for hours in the practice lounge to be seen. Our environment is so welcoming and friendly that you would want to return or not be in a hurry to leave.
Enriched Not Empty
We break through the barriers of the expensive traditional sickcare model by eliminating the enormous costs of medications, copays, deductibles, and surprise charges. We save you money to have a quality life.

LAYF Wellness is your one-stop to
comprehensive, compassionate, convenient,
coordinated and confidential
medical care for you and your family.

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