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8 Healthy Habits to Boost Your Metabolism

Healthy Habits Boost Your Metabolism

8 Healthy Habits to Boost Your Metabolism
Do you have a health and wellness goal for 2024?
Have you set your intentions for how you are going to accomplish them?

‌I bet you are ready and have begun, so I want to share a few super simple habits to focus on to amplify your progress and prevent you from being part of the statistics of those who give up on their health resolutions in mid-February.

Here are eight healthy habits to boost your metabolism and enhance your well-being.

1. Eat Whole Foods, Balanced Meals:

Prioritize whole foods, minimize packaged foods as much as possible, and ensure each meal contains a protein, healthy fat, and fiber-rich carb for optimal hormone balance and sustained energy.

2. Eat a Savory High Protein (30g+) meal, especially the day’s first meal:

This will do wonders for your blood sugar and insulin levels, minimizing cravings and keeping you satisfied and energized.

3. Stay Hydrated:

How much water? Half of your body weight in ounces is the recommendation, provided there is no contraindication.

4. Commit to 7-9 Hours of Sleep:

Make quality sleep a non-negotiable to support metabolic and overall health

Healthy Habits Boost Your Metabolism

5. Do Resistance Training 3-5 Days per Week:

Start with bodyweight exercises if needed, but pay attention to this! Resistance training is one of only two ways to build muscle, critical to a healthy metabolism, immune system, and ability to support our daily activities.

6. Daily 20-Minute Walks:

A simple, consistent walk can do wonders for your stress and metabolism.

7. Soak Up Morning Sunlight:

This will help you get motivated for the day by aiding in the body’s serotonin production and healthy cortisol levels, which support your body’s circadian rhythm, resulting in better sleep.

8. Nurture Your Nervous System:

Engage in practices like breathwork, prayer, and meditation to soothe the nerves and stress.

Starting with these fundamental habits can significantly impact your health journey. I would like to hear from you: which one is your favorite, and how will you ensure you stay consistent?

Cheers to Living At Your Finest Well-being: Whole, Vibrant, and Healthy.

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