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Meet Dr. Dolapo Babalola


About Me

I am a Triple Board-Certified Family, Obesity, and Lifestyle Medicine Physician, an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Morehouse School of Medicine, and the Founding CEO of Living At Your Finest Wellness, A Holistic Direct Primary Care Practice in East Cobb Marietta, Georgia.

I completed my medical training at the University of Guyana and my Family Medicine Residency at Morehouse School of Medicine. To align with my career goals and enhance my knowledge, I completed several other reputable fellowship programs, such as Primary Care Faculty Development, Developing Leaders in Cultural Competency, Medical Student Educators Development Institute, and Leading Emerging and Diverse Scientists for Success.

I practiced Clinical and Academic Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, for 15 years. During this era, I participated in scholarly activities that led to presentations at local, regional, and national conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals on medical care, practice improvement, and curricular development for third- and fourth-year students. I was awarded numerous awards, such as Grady’s Department of Community Medicine Teacher’s Award for my Commitment to Teaching and the Future of Primary Care, Georgia Academy of Family Physician Family Medicine Educator of the Year, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, Certificate of Outstanding Achievement and 2021 Georgia Trend Magazine’s Top Doctors list. I am an active member of the American Academy of Family Medicine, American College of Obesity and Lifestyle Medicine, Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, and the Association of Nigerian Physicians in America.

Medical Education

  • The University of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana
  • Morehouse School of Medicine


  • Primary Care Faculty Development
  • Developing Leaders in Cultural Competency
  • Medical Student Educators Development Institute
  • Leading Emerging and Diverse Scientists for Success

I climaxed my academic career as a Professor and Director of Undergraduate Medical Education and Family Medicine and Rural Health Clerkship before I transitioned to opening my Holistic Direct Primary Care Practice in July 2023. As a Family Physician, I provide full-spectrum family medicine services to all ages, from cradle to cane. My area of expertise is helping Individuals and Families Live At Their Finest Well-being using a Holistic, Healthy Lifestyle Approach so you can Nourish and Flourish by being Whole, Vibrant, and Healthy, and prevent, treat (not just manage), and, most cases, reverse lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

I love to empower my patients, community, and learners about ways to restore health and wellness by discovering the root cause of preventable diseases. I am a wife, mother of 3, author of an inspirational book, adventure seeker, podcaster, lover of God, and a community builder through engagement with different organizations.

Genesis of “Living At Your Finest”

The diet-culture cycle and yo-yo weight fluctuations paralyzed me for numerous years. Despite my passion for Holistic Health, I quickly realized there was much to learn about attaining and maintaining Optimal Holistic Health and Wellness. The plethora of palatable food choices and unhealthy lifestyles led to the metabolic dysfunction I experienced in the form of hypertension, osteoarthritis, excess weight, inflammation, and chronic fatigue. It was time for the Physician to Heal Thyself!

This journey led to “Living At Your Finest Wellness.” I learned to get to the root cause of symptoms by attacking it at the source instead of solely relying on medications as a badge—WellCare instead of sick care, skills instead of pills, and whole person instead of processes.

By the grace of God, I live every day with intention, which has enabled me to LIVE AT MY FINEST WELL-BEING; body, mind, & spirit. This journey has led me to achieve METABOLIC HEALTH and WEIGHT WELLNESS.

The light bulb went up, and I couldn’t continue to practice “Sickcare medicine.”  with the focus on the symptoms instead of the source, so I pivoted and transitioned to establishing LIVING AT YOUR FINEST WELLNESS (LAYF Wellness), a Direct Primary Care Practice where I can promote and optimize health and wellness through a Holistic, Healthy Lifestyle Approach.

I adopt a Fun, Fundamental, and Faith-Based Framework as I integrate tools, tactics, tricks, and tips from my wellness journey and extensive professional training into my Direct Patient Care practice, Courses and coaching Programs, Speaking engagements, and educational and empowering resources using my YouTube Channel and Podcast Show.

Let’s journey together as Living At Your Finest Health Champions!


Evelyn DariusEvelyn Darius
04:21 12 Nov 23
What I can't say enough good things about Dr. Babs, From the moment I walked into her practice at Living at your finest Wellness, I knew I was in capable hands. Her direct primary care approach is truly exceptional. The atmosphere she has created is truly inviting.The environment was spotless, and the calming music created a serene ambiance that felt like a sanctuary.I recently had an in-body comprehensive body scan at Living at your finest, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. She was exceptional in every way. She welcomed me warmly and took the time to explain my results in detail. While I have mostly made a conscientious effort to live healthy, having this scan gave me specific goals I can work on to improve my health span and lifespan based on objective data.I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Babs without reservation to anyone seeking top-notch primary care and a holistic approach to well-being. She is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely cares for her patients and community. Thank you, Dr. Babs, for your exceptional care!
Rolayo RobertsRolayo Roberts
20:45 02 Nov 23
I had a wonderful experience here. She made me feel extremely comfortable during my entire appointment. I highly recommend visiting this office!
Rhonda KopetzRhonda Kopetz
23:45 19 Oct 23
Dr. Babs is amazing. Her level of interest for you to live your best life is what really makes me happy to have her as my doctor. She really focuses on you the individual and what it takes for you to be your best you. Her office is so pray and calming. Wish I could go sit there every day and just relax.
Ny WardNy Ward
22:37 19 Oct 23
Dr. Babs is the most caring and attentive doctor I've ever had. The practice has a very calming and welcoming atmosphere, which is definitely appreciated when going to the doctor. Dr. Babs balances empathy and accountability, and I've loved being a patient of hers!
Christina JohnsonChristina Johnson
21:01 30 Sep 23
I just became a member after a complimentary in body analysis scan provide by Dr. Babs. So exited to continue with this practice!!!
Sametria WhitfieldSametria Whitfield
14:26 26 Sep 23
I had a wonderful visit. I was able to ask questions. Dr. Babalola was very attentive to questions and concerns. She shared feedback. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor and I will share my experience with my friends who may need a primary care doctor. Dr. Babalola’s office was clean and convenient. Thanks Dr. Babalola for making my first visit great!
seun odewoleseun odewole
18:08 29 Aug 23
I have personally known Dr Babalola for the over 9 years and she is an excellent, caring and compassionate physician who wants to help her patients acheive, live and maintain their best lives.On entering LAYF wellness you are welcomed into a warm, calming and serene environment and also greeted with a smile.My parents saw her for their anual exams a few weeks ago and both expressed great satisfaction with the care they received both during and after their doctors appointment.If you are looking for a primary care physician who is vested in your health outcomes, consider Dr Babalola/LAYFWellness
Chikaodi NtekopChikaodi Ntekop
15:47 25 Aug 23
I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Babalola. She is professional, caring, thorough and knowledgeable. Most importantly she doesn't rush you out like other doctors. The new facility is well laid out and clean and provides a relaxing and accommodating environment.
Omolola AdekeyeOmolola Adekeye
15:37 25 Aug 23
Unveiling the Healing Haven at Living at Your Finest WellnessOn the memorable morning of August 22nd, 2023, a new era of holistic healthcare was ushered in with the grand opening of “Living at Your Finest Wellness.” The event, graced by esteemed guests including representatives from the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce and the Marietta Business Association, was a true celebration of health, community, and empowerment.Stepping into the serene and inviting offices, l was enveloped in a warm ambiance enhanced by welcoming aromas and the gentle melody of a waterfall. This carefully curated atmosphere immediately evoked a sense of healing, inviting the subconscious mind to relax and open up to the experience ahead.But beyond the aesthetics, what truly set the day apart was the palpable essence of care and compassion that permeated the space. From the very first step, it was clear that “Living at Your Finest Wellness” isn’t just a name – it’s a philosophy that resonates deeply with the practice’s approach to healthcare.The core message was clear: “You matter, your healing matters, and it is our utmost priority.” Dr. Dolapo Babalola, the visionary behind this holistic direct primary care practice, radiated this sentiment as she warmly welcomed each guest. Dr. Babalola’s dedication to creating a safe and nurturing environment for fostering healthy living was tangible in every interaction.I must say that Dr. Babalola’s attentive presence made us feel valued and heard. Her extensive knowledge and wealth of experience were evident, instilling a sense of confidence in the care that “Living at Your Finest Wellness” aims to provide. The focus on personalized attention and the commitment to patient well-being were indeed the highlights of the day.It is evident that a new chapter has begun in the realm of healthcare. “Living at Your Finest Wellness” not only unveiled its physical doors but also opened a new door of possibility for those seeking holistic healing. A true testament to Dr. Babalola’s mission to create a haven where individuals can find comfort, support, and a path towards their own finest state of being.With the echoes of this day still resonating, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact that “Living at Your Finest Wellness” will undoubtedly bring to the lives of many.#LivingAtYourFinestWellness #HolisticHealthcare #GrandOpening #HealingHaven #Empowerment #CommunityCare
Events UnlimitedEvents Unlimited
02:44 23 Aug 23
Congratulations to the entire staffs of Living At Your Finest.Dr Babalola showed great experience in what she’s done all her life. The Ambience is great. The services are top-notch.I am definitely going back and brining referrals.Well done!.


To provide an evidence-based and holistic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness through an accessible, affordable, and appropriate Direct Primary Care Model for my patients/clients, their families, and their communities. 


To help Families Live at Their Finest by being empowered with the principles of healthy habits and behaviors to nourish their bodies, minds, and spirit so they can flourish as Whole, Vibrant, & Healthy Champions.


Community Outreach
Family and Faith-based centered
Promote Empowerment, Education, and Equality
Prioritize work-life balance for myself, family and community
Compassionate care delivered with integrity, respect, and excellence
Thriving Daily to Live At My Finest Holistic Wellness by being whole, vibrant, & healthy.



Skills over Pills
Wellcare over Sickcare
Source over Symptoms
People over Processes
Multidisciplinary approach
Root cause over Disease Management