The Advantages of a Direct Primary Care Membership

No office visit fees, no co-pays, no surprise bills.

Concierge-style service with your same physician every visit.

Unlimited office visits, lasting 30-60 minutes.

Same/next-day urgent care appointments.

Direct access to your doctor via text/email during business hours Mon-Fri.

Weekend and after-hours as needed.

Discounted Labs, IMAGING, medications (can be billed to insurance if you have coverage).

Exclusive Discounts at local Health, Beauty, and Wellness Businesses

Members receive discounts off supplements.

The following Primary Care services are offered through the DPC membership.
It is also available to non-members but at a consultation fees.

UTI’s, respiratory and throat infections, rashes, injuries, acute pain, genital & sexually transmitted infection, vaginal discharges, suturing for minor lacerations, abscess drainage, muscle & joint pain, sprain/strain, Car accidents/Personal Injury, headaches and more.

High blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, depression, anxiety, asthma, stomach problems, arthritis, high Cholesterol, Obesity and more.

To optimize your health and wellness using the lifestyle medicine pillars (nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, substance abuse avoidance, and social connections) as the primary therapeutic modality to prevent, treat, and reverse disease.

Annual physicals and wellness exams which may also address vaccines and preventive screening tests for cancer and other preventable conditions.

Screening exams (pap smear), STD screening, IUD insertion and removal, discussion and prescriptions for birth control.

Well Child Exams, Sports Physicals, Teen Visits

Procedures: Skin biopsies and skin lesion removal, ingrown toenail removal, skin tags, wart treatments, cyst/abscess incision & drainage, joint injections, trigger point injections, minor laceration repair, EKG’s, ear wash and wax removal, Pap Smear, Spirometry, Breathing Treatments, Hearing screening, Vision screening,
Nebulizer treatments.

Testings: Blood Glucose. Stool hemoccult (testing stool for blood), Rapid strep, Urine pregnancy, Urinalysis, Pulse oximetry, Wet Mount (evaluate for yeast infections) & In-house phlebotomy (drawing blood for tests).

Any additional fees related to procedures will be to cover the wholesale cost of the medication administered or used for the procedure.

Pre-operative clearance and immigration physicals.

The Living At Your Finest Weight Management program is included in the membership fees. Non-members can participate at a consultation fees.  This program is for you if you want to decreased unhealthy weight, decrease body fat, decrease chronic diseases and reliance on medication for diabetes, hypertension, or cholesterol, and you need a boast of energy and confidence. This program entails:

  • 60 minute Intensive in-person weight loss onboarding appointment with Vital Sign, InBody Scan Monitoring and Physical Examination.
  • Personalized Weight loss and Wellness Plan.
  • Healthy Weight loss coaching, monitoring and guidance directly with a Board-Certified Physician.
  • Weekly weight wellness goals check in for the first month followed by every two weeks for the next 2 months. 
  • Comprehensive weight loss guide with a detailed grocery list.
  • Prescribed Weight loss medication as indicated.

At Living At Your Finest Wellness, we provide something better for you and your employees. Our membership model helps save both YOU and your employees money by offering comprehensive primary care at a discounted monthly rate. Your employees will enjoy having same or next day access and treatment from their doctor, minimizing time spent away from work. Imagine savings for you and your employees by fewer missed work days, avoidance of urgent care and ER visits, and fixed monthly rate with no surprise expenses. Everyone is pleased with Happier and healthier employees

So consider changing to a less expensive high deductible plan and offer Direct Primary care (DPC) as a tangible benefit so your employees have unlimited access to quality healthcare.

  • Fewer than 50 employees and not providing health insurance?
  • Over 50 employees and looking to lower health insurance costs?