What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care

Is a new model for delivering affordable and accessible primary healthcare through a low monthly membership fee.

Members of Living At Your Finest Wellness

Get access to their doctor via phone, text & email and can save hundreds of dollars on medications, labs, and imaging as these services are provided at cost.

For about the cost of a cell phone bill,

DPC members can receive the highest quality care without the added costs and bureaucracy of insurance companies.

The Benefits of Direct Patient Care

100% Personalized Care

We get to know you as the individual you are so we can tailor care to your condition and lifestyle. Your treatment isn’t limited to medication or surgery. Instead, we’ll work together on a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of wellness.

No More Rushed Visits

You no longer have to spend hours in the waiting room just to see your doctor for a few minutes. At LAYF Wellness, you’ll spend more face-to-face time with Dr. Babs and her staff so we can get a full picture of your overall health and answer any questions you have.

Immediate Care

Envision members scheduling routine and emergency appointments can often be seen the same day or next day. In addition, Dr. Babs is available to members by email or text.

Transparent Pricing

Because LAYF Wellness is a direct pay practice, you’ll no longer be surprised by unexpected bills. Your monthly membership fee covers your general preventative, acute, and chronic care, and any extra costs in regards to treatment or surgery are disclosed before your procedure.

A Dedicated Medical Advocate

Dr. Babs helps you understand the complexities of your condition and your treatment options. She also works alongside your other providers to ensure a collaborative approach to managing your condition and preventing chronic diseases.

What makes us different?