March into Greatness

There is a shadow behind me
The past that hovers and clouds my horizon
Resolutions I made in times past
At the beginning of a new year

There is nothing sweeter than the sounds of spring
The winter is ebbing and the sky is beautiful
The grass slowly changes from the colors of brass to luscious green
Hibernation slowly comes to an end
The time to plant new seeds has come

A time for the greatest beginning
A time to pause and march into the vacuum of greatness
To chase the dreams of my collective destiny
I dive into the abyss of faith
I alight into the vision of a new dawn

Out with the old and in with the new
I change my attire and free myself of the collective weight
My elbows are free to express the enterprise I hold dear
The invention in me screams for a natural birth
The pain might be great but the joy knows no bounds
Ideas freely expressed, naturally conceived

The might within my soul has arisen
I rise to catch the silver lining in my cloud
I have been to the mountain top
I dear not stop, I press unto great things stored
At the corner of the rainbow leading to the pot of gold

I march into the greatness I was created for
I latch unto the highway of my success
The valleys and mountains, failures and gorges stop me not.
I breathe the fresh air of creativity
It digests every doubt or fear stored within
My nucleus explodes into a Pandora of purpose

I spring forth and march into the greatness of my time
The flowers bloom and the scents are beautiful
The butterflies sense what is slowly becoming
The lilies of the valley slowly populate the landscape
The bare branches bring forth the seeds for the new season

My latter shall be greater than my former.
I am a child of destiny, a child of purpose
I have a divine nature and I exhibit my kind
I march into the greatness of time
I march into the greatness of my time

© 2011 Muyiwa Babalola.

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  1. Amen, amen and amen. We will march into all of God’s plans for us. It’s time to strenghten the feeble knees and the weak arms. Time to March. Thank you for this post. God bless you.

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