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My name is Dr. Dolapo Babalola, AKA Dr. Babs. I am a triple board-certified physician in Family, Obesity, and Lifestyle Medicine. I practice Clinical and Academic Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, where I serve as a Professor and Director of Undergraduate Medical Education and Family Medicine and Rural Health Clerkship.

I am originally from Nigeria and was raised in England and Nigeria. I received my medical training from the University of Guyana and completed my residency in Family Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine. In addition, I graduated from several other reputable fellowship programs, such as Primary Care Faculty Development, Developing Leaders in Cultural Competency, and Leading Emerging and Diverse Scientists for Success.

My clinical practice focuses on preventing, treating, and reversing lifestyle-related chronic diseases using predominantly a whole food, plant-based nutrition, and other healthy lifestyle habits as the primary therapeutic modality. I am passionate about empowering my patients, community, and learners about ways to restore health and wellness by discovering the root cause of preventable diseases.

I delight in scholarly activities that have led to presentations at local, regional, and national conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals on medical care, practice improvement, and curricular development. I have received a few awards, such as Grady’s Department of Community Medicine Teacher’s award for her Commitment to Teaching and the Future of Primary Care, Georgia Academy of Family Physician Family Medicine Educator of the Year, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, Certificate of Outstanding Achievement, and 2021 Georgia Trend Magazine’s Top Doctors list. It is a passion of mine to serve my community by collaborating with different organizations to establish Health Fairs, Back to School Programs and Mentorship programs. 

I am a wife, mother of 3, author of an inspirational book, an adventure seeker, lover of God, and a community builder through my Holistic Wellness Health Center, Living At Your Finest.


Genesis of “Living At Your Finest” with Dr. Babs

The diet-culture cycle and yo-yo weight fluctuations paralyzed me for numerous years. Despite my passion for Holistic Health, I quickly realized there was much to learn about attaining and maintaining Optimal Holistic Health. The plethora of undesirable food choices and unhealthy lifestyles lead to numerous chronic conditions of which communities of color, unfortunately, bear the brunt of the impact. I went on a quest to end my yo-yo health status, burnout situation, and merry-go-round vicious diet culture cycle given my struggles with hypertension, osteoarthritis, and chronic fatigue in my early thirties. This journey led to the birthing of “Living At Your Finest.” I am passionate about helping Communities Live At Their Finest by being empowered with the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine to nourish and flourish as whole, vibrant & healthy champions. I adopt a Fun, Fundamental, and Faith-Based Framework as I integrate tools and tips from my health journey and extensive professional training in my coaching program, online courses, speaking engagement, as well as on my YouTube Channel and Podcast Show.

Please note that the medical and other information I share is meant to be for informational and entertainment purposes only. The information here is not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. My videos, podcasts, blogs are not meant to serve as a ‘second, third, or another opinion.’ Any information here is not intended to establish a physician-patient relationship. The exact approach in treating a medical condition depends on many variables so please be sure to discuss your thoughts and questions with your physician. All materials published on this site or elsewhere by Dr.Babs at Living At Your Finest reflect my views and those of the individual authors or guest speakers. My views are mine alone and are not affiliated with my employer. Kindly review my detailed disclaimer.

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