MyGelm: One year Anniversary

September 15th, today marks the one year anniversary of my inspirational book release (MyGelm): My God Even in the Last Minute. How fast a year has gone by, but ever so fresh the thoughts behind the writing of MyGelm. It brings me to say that the making of MyGelm still stands true today; God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

In spite of all the evil in the world, I am sure you can recall moments when God showed up for you in the last minute, maybe comforted you during your pain or granted you wisdom on the next step to take. MyGelm narrates how I triumph over adversity, discusses life experiences of steps taken to maintain peace during the storm or/and while you wait on a response. I am still taken aback by the words of MyGelm that it continuously makes a positive difference in my life. To read other opinions of MyGelm, check out the reviews on Amazon.

A shout out of appreciation to all my friends and family that bought my book and shared the message. MyGelm is still very much available for purchase, in Nigeria at the NaijaSistas Book-Stop in Lagos, in the U.S (paperback and eBook format) on Amazon and my website, Hang on friends, God can turn our situations from being bitter to better, problems to possibilities, trials to testimonies, a victim to a victor, a setback to a setup, a mistake to a masterpiece and lastly adversity to university of lesson learned.

So I leave you with the words from a Chinese proverb: “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” This might very well be the beginning of a book in the making for you……. Cheers!!!

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