Public Speaking

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Signature Presentations include:



Morehouse med students try out life as a country doctor.

Blog Interview

Conversation with Dolapo Babalola on her inaugural book: My God Even In the Last Minute.

Video Interview

I collaborated with the American Heart Association as a Physician Champion to launch the C3 (Check. Change. Control) Project at a Grady neighboring clinic to help the community to manage their blood pressure.

Weather Channel
TV Interview

Brand partnerships with Dr. Babalola (Babs)

Dr. Babalola exclusively collaborates with medical professionals and organizations such as churches, corporation, colleges, and non-profit associations on matters pertaining to
Holistic Health and Lifestyle Medicine, and more.

Please reach out if you are interested in connecting with Dr. Babalola to further your company’s marketing objectives.

Email for more information and to request her media kit.