The Beginning of A New Horizon

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in this world is? Are you just made to exist? I have pondered on these thoughts repeatedly, then finally the answer became so real to me.

I have a reason for being on planet earth and I don’t want to leave without fulfilling it. It can be for a small reason but if I am consistent and persistent, this small purpose can become a big one.

It can become significant enough to make a mark in some else’s life and subsequently in mine. You know, it is said that the richest place is in the cemetery. Why? Because lots of talents are buried there.

The same illustration goes for the kitchen sink which drains the most nutritious aspect of our meals. Imagine the sink having a field day with all the overcooked meals wasting away.

Let’s not waste our time and talents. We are all blessed with something so put it to use, somehow, somewhere and some day soon.

My gifted husband and I will team up together to provide monthly heartfelt poems and food for thought topics. Please join us as we deliberate on the different ways to make this world a better place to live.

We welcome your comments and healthy discussions.

Thank you and God bless.

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One comment

  1. Awesome!!!! food for sink versus the cemetery….never thought of this..overcooking our meals versus fulfilling our purpose…I look forward to hearing more about this….

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