The Love that Once Was

They said, it would last for ever.
A match made in heaven.
Our personalities reminiscent of the story of Cupid
It happened to be a big bubble pricked by the reality of time.

I can love.
I have the capacity to love.
I want to be loved, held, and appreciated.
To love is to be loved.
For you to love, you have to give.

Who are you?
What have you become?
What did I Do?
Who is to blame?
You stood taller than the Empire state Building
The majesty of your presence was a wonder to behold.

There was a time I was your sweetest Rose.
The One who makes your heart skip a beat.
The one who made your eyes twinkle with excitement.
I was the most beautiful woman on the Planet.
The one who moves to the sound of music,
The lady whose smile was like the Sun,
I was your comforter,
I was your friend.

I was the one you were devoted to,
I was joined to you at the Hip.
I was the second half of your heart.
You were the mighty one in my eyes.

You were so innocent, you could do no wrong.
You were patient and Kind,
Your touch was softer than the softest pillow,
You hug like you were my protector,
You words made my head spin in cycles.

You knew it and you teased me.
You reached into the very depth of my heart.
You ripped it apart with the words that were once magical.
Where has the love gone?

Our Love could still burn, it is never late to love.
We need to remember the promises we made to each other..
Wake up from your slumber and fan the embers of Love.

© 2011 By Muyiwa Babalola.

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  1. Love is strong and powerful. This is a better life to live than being weak, fearful, and living with hatred. I will make a commitment to love more this month. The first step I would take; to be more generous with the compliments and stingy on the negativity. I think it’s a great way to start…………

  2. Lovely and encouraging poem. It’s never too late to start or revive love. And this is February too…

  3. The poem is really beautiful, these were my favorite lines:

    You knew it and you teased me.
    You reached into the very depth of my heart.
    You ripped it apart with the words that were once magical.
    Where has the love gone?

    thanks for sharing friend.

  4. Perfect for this month and every other month. Wake it up people! Nice one.

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