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Episode 36-Lessons I Learned From This Week’s Scare

We must have all heard the saying “Live Each Day As If It Was Your Last.’”

But what does it really mean? Live in the moment, Be Present, Give Your Best Every Day, Be ready to live the earth anytime or any day.

Truth be told, I have always shied away from this quote because I thought it was a morbid way of thinking, but this week gave me a scare that opened my eyes.

In this episode of #FunFridayPodcast, I will share lessons I learned (relearned) from my scary experience this week to enable you all to Live At  Your Finest.

I bet you would like to find out who is the LAYF Champion for the week? It is Bukola Fabiyi. She is a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, wife, mother, and  Founder of We Eat And Live Well. She is also a practicing pharmacist who shares her win on how she uses food as her medicine instead of medication to optimize her health. Juicy info…don’t miss it.

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