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Episode 47- Sleep Contributes to Your Overall Wellness with Dr. Funke Afolabi-Brown

This episode is dedicated to my father, Late Professor Kayode Adeoshun who struggled with sleep. This fostered my quest to learn more about the science of sleep to enable optimal health and wellness within my community.

It is repeated time and time again that there is no wellness without proper sleep because sleep is where the body and the mind engage in deep healing and rejuvenation.

Dad, we still miss you so much but we are pleased that you are sleeping well now. HAPPY POSTHUMOUS BIRTHDAY. Love always!

In this week’s #FunFridayPodcast, I have the great honor of the brilliant Dr. Funke Afolabi Brown joining as a guest to discuss ”ALL THINGS SLEEP.” She is a pulmonologist and sleep medicine physician, as well as the Founder of Radiate Brilliance.

So what is the big deal about the quality and quantity of sleep? Well, take a listen to our conversation as Dr. Afolabi-brown shares about:
✨The benefit of a healthy sleep pattern
✨The stages of sleep and its relevance
✨The steps to promoting a healthy sleep pattern

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They say everything is better with a good night’s sleep. Cheers to a restful weekend!

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